04 - 12 - 2016

Welcome to the Lithuanian Insolvency Law Network !

Lithuanian insolvency law network - the network of experts, included the  scientists and practicians, who are actively participating in the  insolvency law area: application and development. The purpose of the network - to  provide a forum for the legislative and executive representatives, judges, administrators, lawyers and scientists  to exchange opinions and views, ideas and insights on insolvency law issues, tendencys and prospects in the context of the national and international levels.
First of all, Lithuania insolvency law network meeting took place  Mykolas  Romeris University in 2011 on September.  To add to, Lithuania insolvency law  network is a  partner of Nordic Insolvency Law Network, and actively cooperate with the Scandinavian and Baltic countries insolvency law experts. 2011.12.11 legal experts after the flag of Lithuanian network insolvency law, together with the Business Law Department scientists of Mykolas Romeris University organized a discussion "How to improve the administration of insolvent companies?"
Founder's meeting of the Insolvency law network (included scientists and law practicians)  was organized and took place in Vilnius on 2013.01.03. The first priority purpose of the Association is to develop the legal consciousness of persons, as related with insolvency law, to promote the interest of the insolvency law, to develop traditions of legal, social and civil dialogue on the future of the insolvency law. The Association coordinate the activities of its members, as well as represent and protect their interests.

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